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FamilyCare Health invests in provider education programs that advance healthcare learnings and transformation. Our workshops, trainings, and educational programs are designed to support the continuing professional development of providers in our network and beyond.  

Materials for Providers

Download the handouts from our training "Supporting the Unique Health Needs of Children in Foster Care: A one-day learning summit for primary care providers and allied health professionals," presented by FamilyCare Health and Health Share of Oregon:

Neurodevelopment and Trauma

Foster Care Medical Home Panel

Children's Mental Health & Wraparound - A


Abuse & Neglect Pediatrics - A

Care Coordination - B

Learn more

Download the handouts from our training "Opioid Guideline Changes and Next Steps: Taper Plans, Alternative Therapies for Persistent Pain, and Suboxone Induction." (PDF)

Watch a video of the Targeting ACEs training session (Note: If you select "show more" in the window below the video, you will see a list of the specific well-child interventions that were presented at the training. Selecting the time stamp next to the intervention will bring you to that part of the training video.)

Access the resource guide and supplemental videos

Download the handouts from our recent training, Buprenorphine: What We Know and What We Don't. Prescribing Safely for Pain Management and Opioid Dependence (PDF).

Download the Treatment of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in the Elderly (PDF)

Download the Care of Older Adults Assessment For (PDF)

Download the 2015 Formulary Alternatives for Most Commonly Prescribed Conditions in the Elderly (PDF)

Download Web-Based Training Course: Combating Medicare Parts C and D Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Web-Based Training (PDF)

Download Web-Based Training Course: Medicare Parts C and D General Compliance Training (PDF)

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