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Getting Started with FamilyCare Health

Are you a new member on the FamilyCare Health OHP/Medicaid plan? Do you have questions about what services you can use and where to get help? 

Watch this short video to learn more and click on the links below for other resources.

Get the FamilyCare Health mobile app for Android or iPhone to view your benefits, search for providers, and more.

Click below to view the FamilyCare Health/OHP member handbook:​

Click here for English Handbook
Click here for Spanish — Español
Click here for Russian — русский
Click here for Vietnamese — Tiếng Việt
Click here for Arabic — العربية
Click here for Chinese —  中國的
Click here for Somali — Soomaali

More questions? Visit our OHP and FamilyCare FAQs page.

Want to talk in person? Call us at 503-222-2880 or 800-458-9518 toll-free (TTY 711).


Welcome to FamilyCare Health.

Health happens here.

We are your local Coordinated Care Organization. We have been in Oregon since 1984 and we focus on your whole health. 

Since you’re a member of the Oregon Health Plan, we’re here to connect you to care when you need it. That way you can stay healthy and live the life you want.

Best of all, you only need to know one phone number.

And of course we have a mobile app that you can download. It’s totally free! And puts health at your fingertips.

As a new Oregon Health Plan member, you’ll get two ID cards in the mail.

You can also access your FamilyCare Health digital ID card on the mobile app.

Bring both your FamilyCare Health care and OHP card with you to your appointments.

These cards show your doctor, dentist, and pharmacy that you have insurance coverage.

Seeing your doctor regularly, even when you aren’t sick, can help you stay healthy. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get regular checkups and your prescriptions filled. Need to see a dentist? A mental health provider? Want to quit smoking? We can help. 

And it’s especially important to have convenient access if you’re expecting a baby or already have children.

We can help you review your benefits, look for a provider, or get a ride to your next appointment. We’re here for you.

Only at FamilyCare will you get your own health advisor along with a team of professionals who can answer any questions you have about your benefits or service needs.

One team. One number. One call. Don’t you wish everything worked that way?

You can go to our website to learn ways to keep healthy.

Or read through the FamilyCare Health member handbook.

You can see all the services that are covered.

And we’re happy to talk with you. Use that handy number to call us if you have any questions.

FamilyCare Health. Health Happens Here.

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