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Dental Services

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Most FamilyCare Health members with the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) have access to dental care. Getting regular dental care is important to your overall health and can help prevent dental disease and other problems. Many, but not all, dental services are covered. 

Get Dental Care

Call your dental provider to schedule an exam and cleaning. Children with OHP can have up to two exams and two cleanings each year. Adults with OHP can have one exam and one cleaning each year.

If you do not know the name of your dental provider, call FamilyCare Health at 800-458-9518. Navigation Services can help you find out which Dental Plan helps manage your dental care. Your dental plan can help you find a dental provider. 

We contract with the following dental plans:

Access Dental Plan: 877-213-0357 or 503-445-9056
Advantage Dental Services: 866-268-9631
Capitol Dental Care: 800-525-6800 
CareOregon Dental: 888-440-9912 or 503-416-1444 
Family Dental Care: 503-644-2663
Managed Dental Care of Oregon: 800-538-9604 or 503-581-1407
ODS Community Health: 800-342-0526 or 503-243-2987
Willamette Dental: 855-433-6825 opt 1 or 503-952-2100

Dental Emergencies
A dental emergency is a dental problem that needs immediate care. If you have a dental emergency, call your dental provider. If you cannot reach your dental provider, call your dental plan or FamilyCare Health. Dental emergencies include severe toothache, dental pain that keeps you awake and is not relieved by over-the-counter medication, infection in the gums or a tooth, severe swelling of the gums around a tooth, or a tooth that has been knocked out. 

Your Benefits
Benefits vary by member. Some are only for pregnant women and members age 20 or younger. For a list of benefits available to most OHP/FamilyCare Health members, see below. If you have questions about what is covered under your plan, please call FamilyCare Health at 503-222-2880 or 800-458-9518.

Dental Care Your Cost Authorization/Referral Limits
Exams, cleaning, and x-rays $0 Not required One annual exam for adults; two for children; follow-up care allowed.
Basic restorative care like a filling $0 Not required No limit
Extractions (removing teeth) $0 Authorization required for wisdom teeth. Not required for other extractions No limit. This benefit does not apply to orthodontics.
Stainless Steel Crowns $0 Authorization required For all primary teeth for children; for posterior permanent teeth for adults.
Dentures and partials $0 Authorization required Full dentures every 10 years and partial dentures every 5 years for adults.
Gum Disease $0 Authorization required Deep cleaning for gum disease every 2 years for adults. Routine care for gum disease every 6 months for adults.

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