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Seniors: Prepare for Your Doctor's Visit

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Everyone’s been there: You spend days thinking about your appointment with your doctor. But when the day finally arrives, you feel rushed and leave with unanswered questions. Having a basic plan for a doctor’s appointment can help reduce any feelings of anxiety and also make sure you get the most out of your visit. 

Here are four suggestions to help your optimize your time with your doctor. By following these basic tips, you’ll get the most out of your visit and have less anxiety about it leading up to the appointment.

Tip 1: Make a List

Write down all the things you’d like to discuss with your doctor. Prioritize your list from most important to least so you make sure to cover the things that are most pressing to you. Bring the list with you to your appointment and leave space so you can write down anything you learn.  

Tip 2: Bring Important Info

When you see your doctor, bring all of your prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements. Also, remember your insurance card and any medical records from the past year. These should include any notes about any recent illness, operation, or condition plus contact information for the doctors who treated you. 

Tip 3: Check Your Understanding

It’s not only important that you get to ask your questions. You also need to really understand the answers you receive. If you don’t fully comprehend what your doctor is saying, ask for clarification. If you regularly use glasses or hearing aids, make sure you bring these with you. If you want, you can always ask your doctor to speak more slowly or explain something further.   

Tip 4: Invite a Friend

Two sets of ears and eyes are better than one! Discuss your appointment ahead of time with the family member or friend who will be joining you, letting them know what you want to get out of the visit. Your friend can remind you if you forget something and can take notes about what the doctor says. 

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