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4 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Falling

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Falling down can be dangerous. It’s also one of the main reasons older people lose the ability to live on their own.

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 Here are 4 ways you can lower your chance of falling and become more confident doing the activities you love:

  • Monitor your medications. Tell your doctor if any of your drugs make you feel dizzy or drowsy.
  • Check your vision. Poor eyesight can make it difficult to move around safely.
  • Make your home safer. Replace burnt-out light bulbs, install nightlights, and remove clutter and cords from pathways.
  • Stay active. Doing exercises like walking or Tai Chi can lower your risk of a fall-related injury.

You can also do this easy balance move to increase your stability:

  • Hold on to a steady surface like a counter or chair with one hand, then lift one foot off the floor.
  • Hold for as long as you can, up to 30 seconds. Remember to breathe deeply.
  • Repeat on the other side. Do several times a day. As you balance for longer, try balancing without holding onto anything.

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