Community Advisory Council

For over three decades FamilyCare Health has listened to the wants, needs, and ideas of community members, using these to shape and influence the fulfillment of our mission to create healthy individuals through innovative systems. We take your concerns, questions, and suggestions seriously and encourage you to become a vocal part of our member network. 

One place to express your ideas is within our Community Advisor Council (CAC). 

  • We regularly meet with our Community Advisory Council (CAC) 
    Each year we assemble a new CAC made up of providers, community partners such as local public health and social services organizations, and consumer representatives. This diverse group meets on a monthly basis to discuss the health of the community and how to best make lasting and effective change. Download the FamilyCare Health CAC Charter.
  • With the help of the CAC, we evaluate the annual Community Health Plan Needs Assessment (CHNA)
    The CHNA contains data on the makeup and health care needs of FamilyCare members and the community as a whole. For instance, from this information we can see how many of the people we cover suffer from specific conditions, such as diabetes, or what percentage of our population is Latino. 
  • We support the CAC to create and implement a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
    The CHIP is a community-driven solution for issues currently facing our members and community. This call to action is the result of CAC meetings: The council identifies a target population and/or risk and strategizes ways to treat it. For example, if a majority of our teenage members are overweight, the CAC might suggest we help families access community centers and fitness facilities. Read a summary here.

We Want to Hear from You
Would you like to join our CAC? We’re recruiting for our 2016 council. Please fill out a Community Advisory Council Application (see below) or contact Sandra Clark, Director, Population Health, at or 503-488-3736.

Want to Learn More?

Download the minutes from our Community Advisory Council meetings.

Download our Community Advisory Council FAQ.

Watch CAC 101 on YouTube.

2016 Community Advisory Council Members: 

  • Royal Harris, FamilyCare Health Board Representative
  • Estefany Carcaño
  • Rowan Everard
  • Lance Gilbert
  • Jasmine Hernandez
  • Celia Higueres
  • Sarah Keefe
  • Christine Lau
  • Zuri Lopez
  • Leticia Sainz
  • Rose Sherwood
  • Martha Spiers 

Download the Community Advisory Council Application
Community Advisory Council Application pdf (English)
Community Advisory Council Application pdf (Spanish)
Community Advisory Council Application pdf (Russian)
Community Advisory Council Application pdf (Vietnamese)
Community Advisory Council Application pdf (Chinese)
Community Advisory Council Application pdf (Somali)

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