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Community Advisory Council

Community Advisory Council Group Photo
Community Advisory Council members meet with FamilyCare Health staff to discuss current issues.

At FamilyCare Health, we want to make sure we meet the healthcare needs of our members. To reach this goal, we work with our Community Advisory Council. Members and health experts who represent diverse communities join the Community Advisory Council. They help us understand how we can create healthier communities and make lasting change. 

The Community Advisory Council helps: 

  • FamilyCare Health achieve its mission, values, and goals
  • Share the experiences and needs of the tri-county community
  • Advise FamilyCare Health how to help unserved and underserved communities by:
        - Overseeing the Community Health Assessment (CHA), a process that looks at data to learn about health within a community
         - Making a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to address health needs in our communities
          - Reporting on the progress of the CHIP each year
  • Conducting community outreach

Community Advisory Council members:

  • Agree to be on the Community Advisory Council for 1 year 
  • Come to meetings each month 

Want to learn more?

2014 Community Initiative

In May 2014, FamilyCare Health’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the Community Advisory Council’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Read the CHIP.

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