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Care Management

Service Coordination is a comprehensive psychosocial approach of integrated care management that empowers individuals in taking charge of their own health and healthcare decisions. Service Coordination is designed to foster partnerships between plan and provider to deliver high quality health care to the patient.
  • Elements of Service Coordination
  • Health Coaching
  • Case Management
  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Benefit Assistance
  • Community Resources
  • Mental health, physical health, and addictions integration
  • Patient self-management support

The service coordinators on our Care Management Team work one-on-one with members to help them receive the care they need. Each member is connected with a service coordinator who they can call when they need assistance. Coordinators work closely with members with chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma. Specialized coordinators work with members who have mental or emotional issues. Our goal is to help people stay healthy and get more out of life.

  • Coordinators can help members:
  • Find a doctor or arrange an appointment
  • Get follow-up care after hospital stays
  • Access community health resources



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