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General Information & Eligibility

Many Oregonians count on FamilyCare for their Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) benefits. At FamilyCare, we serve over 90,000 Oregonians from diverse backgrounds and with a broad range of needs, ensuring their healthcare requirements are satisfactorily and efficiently met. We assign Care Coordinators who work one-on-one with members to assist in identifying potential barriers to access and finding acceptable solutions.

Our goal is to connect members with the personal healthcare services they require, implementing fully integrated mental, dental and physical healthcare services to ensure comprehensive patient care. Our mission is your health and wellness and, more importantly, to connect you with a primary care provider. We value and encourage quality relationships among our patients, their provider and our care management staff at FamilyCare.

When you join FamilyCare, you can choose a primary care provider to discuss your healthcare needs. If you need assistance finding a provider, please give us a call at 503-222-2880 or toll-free at 800-458-9518 (TTY: 711).


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