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History of FamilyCare

In 1984, two physicians and our current President, Jeff Heatherington, created FamilyCare, Inc.  Their goal was to create a managed care organization that provided a comprehensive approach to caring for underserved Oregonians on Medicaid.  With the exception of Kaiser Permanente, FamilyCare is the oldest Medicaid Managed Care program in Oregon.

Since its inception, FamilyCare has been serving residents by creating healthy individuals through innovative systems.  FamilyCare has pioneered several innovative programs designed to increase the quality of care delivered to our members while creating an efficient, cost-effective system.  By building strong relationships and establishing consistent communication with our members and providers, we are able to help remove the barriers of patient access and empower those we serve to make informed, educated healthcare decisions.

FamilyCare was the first plan in Oregon to integrate models of mental and physical health, allowing our members health to be viewed comprehensively, and by supporting Osteopathic medicine, we help ensure each patient is viewed as a person, not just a set of diagnoses.

In 1994, with the advent of the Oregon Health Plan, FamilyCare became a fully capitated health plan that today serves over 90,000 low-income Oregonians. FamilyCare is a leader in health care transformation in the state and became the first certified Coordinated Care Organization to operate in the tri-county area (Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties).

In 2005, FamilyCare Health Plans unveiled its Medicare Advantage line of health plans, allowing us to serve individuals who qualify for Medicare and provide them with a wide range of services designed to suit their unique healthcare needs.  Today, FamilyCare’s MyPlan Medicare Options health plans are offered in Clackamas, Clatsop, Morrow, Multnomah, Umatilla and Washington counties. 


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