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Community Advisory Council

Community Advisory Council Created to Drive Change

When the State of Oregon certified FamilyCare as a Coordinated Care Organization, we were required to organize a community advisory council (The Council). Our Council's key objective is to help plan and develop a community health assessment and community health improvement plan to address the needs of communities with disproportionate unmet health needs. The Council is here to raise issues and identify areas for community outreach opportunities. They serve as a catalyst for relationship building and partnering with community-based organizations, the business community, and individuals. The Council represents a diverse group of people including:

  • FamilyCare health plan members
  • Business Leaders
  • Staff from Multnomah, Clackamas, & Washington Counties Health Departments
  • Health Care Providers
  • Educators

Learn more about becoming a FamilyCare community advisory council member:

For additional questions, please contact:

Brett Hamilton, community development coordinator
Phone: 503-345-5921


  • Jan Tesch, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and Chair of The Council
  • Chris Murphy, Multnomah County
  • Deborah Westfall, Consumer
  • Duane Westfall, Consumer
  • Eric Owens, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District
  • Laura O’Neill, NAMI Washington County
  • Paul Lewis, Clackamas County
  • Oregon Health Authority Innovator Agent:
  • Dustin Zimmerman
  • Amber Fay, Consumer
  • Kyna Harris, Consumer
  • Candice Jimenez, Consumer
  • Katherine Walker, Consumer
  • Carmen Cordis, Consumer
  • Alicia Atalla-Mei, Professional Support, Outside In
  • Richard Jenkins, Consumer
  • Ellene Smith, Professional Support, JOIN
  • Melissa Henderson, Professional Support, NAYA

Family Care Staff:

Brett Hamilton
Carol Burgdorf-Lackes


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